LIVE Yoga Sessions

Conducted by Nidhi

The advent of online yoga has revolutionised the way we approach this ancient practice. 

Yoga Kiran’s online classes give practitioners from across the globe an opportunity to maintain a consistent practice and experience the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga. By embracing the digital mat, you can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, health, and well-being from the comfort of your own space.

Our online yoga sessions have helped hundreds of people transform their emotional, mental and physical health. To read some exceptional feedback and inspiring stories from our community of dedicated practitioners, click here.

Key highlights of this program: 

  • These sessions are open for all levels of practitioners and teachers. During the sessions the practitioner can choose the variations given for every postures according to their level of practice. 
  • The session timing is 7 am IST. Duration of the practice is 1 hour 15 minutes which includes asana (physical posture), pranayama (breathing exercise), dhyana (meditation), building muscle strength, flexibility and mobility along with focusing on overall health of the practitioner.
  • All the online sessions are conducted by Nidhi, who has been sharing her love for yoga for the past decade with people from all walks of life. Her sessions are informative, fun, spontaneous and wholesome. Her teachings are an extension of her own practice and learnings. She really thrives on witnessing the flowering of every participant through her constant support and guidance.
  • Practicing yoga online connects you to a vast and diverse global community of practitioners. Through social media groups, forums, and interactive online sessions, you can engage with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and receive support from fellow practitioners worldwide. This sense of community fosters a feeling of belonging and encourages personal growth on and off the mat.

You can choose from the following format that works best for you:

Monthly – You will get access to the Live sessions + recorded links for one month + membership benefits and exclusive offers.

Fees  INR 3000 | EUR 38 | USD 42

Quarterly – You will get access to the Live sessions + recorded links for three months + membership benefits and exclusive offers.

Fees – INR 7500 | EUR 85 | USD 100

Yearly – You will get access to the Live sessions + all the recorded links for one year + membership benefits and exclusive offers. 

Fees – INR 30000 | EUR 340 | USD 415

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