Our Mentorship Programs

Are you seeking personal and professional growth, guidance, and inspiration to unlock your full potential?

A mentor for professional growth and development is beneficial, regardless of your career. But why specifically can yoga as a whole and yoga teachers as individuals benefit from mentorship?

The Yoga Kiran mentorship program is designed to help to support individuals to help them clarify their goals and values, bring insight, guidance, and structure to their ambitions.

Navigating the challenges of life can feel lonely and like an impossible mountain to climb.  Our goal is to show you that anything is possible with the right guidance and to open you up to our supportive community that will always be there for you.

Our Mentorship Program is a structured and supportive initiative to support your life’s journey and heart’s calling in a cohesive manner. 

This program is designed to empower individuals to flourish in various aspects of life by reconnecting with their authentic selves, letting go of their masks which has been enforced by the society and embrace the current flow of life with grace.

Some of the methodology that we use are rooted in ancient practices of self-enquiry, yoga, meditation and is seamlessly weaved with modern scientific based explorations.

To know more and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and development!

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